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Every strategic challenge comes down to changing and influencing the behaviour of either customers or employees. At CX Lab we use the latest thinking and rigour from behavioural science and neuroscience to help clients tackle these strategic challenges and deliver measurable commercial returns. We provide unique customer research, training, insight, design, implementation, and education. Get in touch to learn more about how behavioural science can grow your business.

How we use behavioural science to drive growth

Tripping Points

Our unique approach to insight uncovers the unconscious and conscious drivers of behaviour. We call these Tripping Points, the things that get in the way for the customer and employee. By using biometric and behavioural research we understand what truly happens to customers and where you can make the biggest difference.

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Behavioural science – Can a blue room really make a difference to profit?

September 10th, 2022|

Behavioural Science - can a blue room really make a difference to profit? In an experiment carried out on behalf of Honda UK, we created an environment specifically engineered to test the findings of

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