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Customer surveys are a waste of time

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Customer surveys do not work Let’s consider the advancement in behavioural science which broadly tells us that most of our decisions in life occur unconsciously. Even those big conscious decisions (who to marry, which house to buy, fast car vs one that fits the children etc) are influenced by our unconscious, inbuilt bias, past

Learn about the psychology and physiology of customer experience

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Learn about the psychology and physiology of customer experience in a recent webinar from Pearson Business School. The webinar features Dr Harry Witchel from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Sam Johnson from M&S and our co-founder Tim Routledge discussing how neuroscience and physiology are key elements in customer experience. Dr

Car hire customer experience

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Here’s a quick story of the kind of casual attitude to customer experience that really damages the relationship between a customer and a brand and puts its staff in the onerous position of having to ‘save’ that relationship. I needed to hire a car for a few days and went