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Employee experience research: when needs get critical

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Who’s there to help when the blue lights are flashing for ambulance staff themselves? We recently came across a tender that had been put out by Health Education England ‘promoting wellbeing for UK NHS Ambulance Personnel’. It called for bids from interested parties to provide employee research services to try and uncover the causes

What can our eyes and face really tell us about customer experience?

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Windows to the mind In a recent post, we looked at some of the measures of internal physiology – like heart rate and EDA – that can help us to understand the drivers of customer behaviour - the Tripping Points® as we call them. Today we’ll review some of the other methods outlined in

Why don’t we seem to like Estate Agents and Car Dealers?

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Why buying a house is as bad as buying a car …and vice versa Why is it that we humans seem so against the idea of paying commission to sales people, brokers or agents, and yet are happy to contribute tips – on top of the actual price of their meal – to waiting