Voice of the customer is just scratching the surface

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With 95% of human decisions happening unconsciously (Professor Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School), can surveys ever be relied upon to provide insights into customer behaviour? And why are organisations spending £millions on voice of the customer (VOC) programmes and so very little trying to uncover the 95% of unconscious behaviour? It seems to me we

5 ways to transform mystery shopping

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Mystery shopping is not useful! Recently I came across a report from ContactBabel describing how respondents rated the usefulness of various CX learning methods. Interestingly and perhaps not surprising, were the respondents low scores for the usefulness of mystery shopping. This is a £billion industry – that's an awful lot to spend on something

Behavioural science – Can a blue room really make a difference to profit?

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Behavioural Science - can a blue room really make a difference to profit? In an experiment carried out on behalf of Honda UK, we created an environment specifically engineered to test the findings of numerous behavioural science studies and our own long-term research in the automotive sector. The study was designed to investigate the