Customer Experience Design

Customer experience design is about how we use behavioural science to create the optimal customer journey. Our unique insight provides the foundation for our behavioural design team to create experiences that influence both the conscious and unconscious behaviour of your customers. For one online business, we delivered a 21% increase in conversion rate.

  • Distinctive – How you make the customer experience align with your brand and stand out from your competitors.

  • Fix and improve – We prioritise what needs to be fixed based on the impact on customer behaviour. Read our Virgin Atlantic case study

  • Emotional – Because we understand the unconscious behaviour we can design solutions to influence the ’emotional’ behaviour of customers. Our blue room at Honda is a great example of this behavioural design

Designing a Distinctive Customer Experience

  • Learn from the best, not your nearest – It’s a mistake to look to your competitors for ideas for making your customers experience distinctive. Instead, we help you to step outside your sector and delve into the customer experience design of those doing interesting things. What can a 100-year-old financial institution learn from a retailer like Lush? What can an airline learn from a private members club? What can a multinational learn from a local bike shop? The inspiring design journey we lead you through not only helps you step into your customers’ shoes, but also helps you step outside your own bubble.

  • Create memories – Much of the experience you provide never makes it into the conscious memory of your customers. We, therefore, need to be very intentional  about creating memories that deliver value for your brand. We use the peak-end rule and other elements of behavioural science to create these intentional moments that customers remember you for. Picking and choosing theses moments is a critical part of the customer experience design and needs our deep insights to get it right.

  • Design Thinking – We use Design Thinking methodology, combined with behavioural science to deliver optimal solutions. This combination of a proven process with an understanding of how to influence behaviour ensures outstanding results. 

Fix and Improve

Our insights identify areas of your customers’ unconscious and conscious experience which we call Tripping PointsTM.  These are points on the customers’ journey that are unexpected and cause arousal/stress. In the CX Design phase we identify solutions to fix and improve these Tripping PointsTM.

  • Use Behavioural science – We use the latest behavioural science to make measurable improvements to the experience. By understanding how to influence behaviour, we design improvements to the customer and employee experience, from website design to physical changes like our blue room in Honda. Together, these changes make a significant difference to your organisation.

  • Scientific approach – The key to delivering a great return on investment is to take a scientific approach to the CX design. We bring together the latest science and research about customer experience. For example, using the recent findings on the importance of how our senses influence our behaviour. Testing is critical! This enables you to assess the impact against the measures you’ve identified, and the potential for wider implementation.

  • Think big and small – As Nate Silver writes, “Good innovators typically think very big and they think very small.  New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look”. It’s proven that modest, incremental changes are better than placing all your bets on one major initiative. To make a big difference we continuously seek to find the many small ways to improve the customer experience.

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