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Our professional business speakers inspire and educate audiences around the world on customer experience, behavioural science and marketing. Whether you have an intimate audience of leaders or a big international conference we will bring genuine insight, action and energy to your event. We listen to your requirements, objectives and culture so that we always design the content specifically around you, we don’t just roll out the same presentation time after time. Keynote presentations to customer experience workshops, thousands of people like you have been inspired by our speakers. Contact us to find out more

Tim Wade customer experience speaker and co-founder of CX Lab
Tim Routledge - co-founder CX Lab customer experience consultancyCustomer experience workshop

Topics we speak about

  • Why customers don’t do what they say – why chocolate makes you buy more books and how you can improve your customer experience
  • How to create a customer experience that grows your business – With the growing focus on customer experience we bring our experience alive to showcase what leading organisations are doing to deliver a differentiating customer experience
  • Becoming customer centric – In this day and age of digital disruption it is easy to focus on technology but real growth lies in becoming customer centric. Alongside culture and leadership technology is the enabler of this customer centricity
  • Our unconscious decision making and its influence on customer experience – Using the latest research from psychology, physiology and neuroscience we demonstrate how customers unconscious decision making impacts on the customer experience and what you should be doing about it
  • What it takes to make your brand stand out in a digital world – When customer choice and expectation is rapidly growing, how do organisations stand out. How to create brands that are distinctive not only in what they say but what they do

Customer experience workshops

From leadership workshops, customer experience design to customer experience training, our workshops are tailored to provide you with real outcomes and deliverables. We don’t measure the impact of our work on how you feel at the end of it. Instead we measure it on how much you actually implement and the impact this has on your business. Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and design a workshop around you. Contact us to find out more

We are also running a series of workshops up and down the UK. Our first event in Manchester was a huge success and we are now planning further events from north to south. look out for dates.

customer service training - CX Labemployee experience workshop

Our speakers

Tim Wade
Tim WadeCo-Founder
My purpose when speaking is to bring to life my experience and passion for brands and customer experience. Giving more than simply opinions, I talk about the case studies and examples that have actually delivered measurable growth.
Tim Routledge
Tim RoutledgeCo-founder
My passion is the use of science to better understand human behaviour. I love to show how this evidence-based knowledge can be used to improve commercial experiences for everyone involved: customers, employees and the business itself.

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