Using behavioural science to grow your business

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Why customers don’t do what they say, why chocolate makes you buy more books and how you can grow your business

Find out what truly influences customers’ decision making and behaviour. Understand why chocolate sells more books, why a blue room sells more cars, how music changes your wine preference and why understanding your customers’ unconscious behaviour is key to growth. Challenge what you think to be true about customer behaviour. Discover how the use of biometrics uncovers the unconscious. Apply all this to create customer experiences that generate serious growth.
Join the CX Lab team as they present their latest findings from their unique approach to understanding customer behaviour. Founders of CX Lab (Tim Wade and Tim Routledge) will share fascinating case studies and research demonstrating how by using biometrics we can uncover real customer behaviour and use this insight to improve the customer experience and deliver 22:1 ROI.
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