Customer Experience Training

What makes our training approach different is that we build it on the best insight. Insight into the conscious and unconscious experience of your customers, employees and leaders. This deep behavioural insight combined with our years of experience across a diverse range of business types mean that our team of leading learning designers deliver training that results in improved customer and employee experiences.

Our focus is on genuine employee engagement – giving employees both the skills and knowledge to deliver the customer experience. Our differentiated training solutions engage your team at the deepest level – training that really enables people to turn your values and customer experience into a competitive advantage.

Bespoke training is best

Your training should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Every organisation has different needs and starts from a different point, so a generic off-the-shelf training solution is never going to be the best fit. Bespoke customer experience training is designed to meet the needs of your business, this means:

  • Fitting into your operational model
  • Blending delivery methods for the best results
  • Understanding what training has been done before
  • Recognising and working with the internal learning teams
  • Using the best of behavioural economics to ‘nudge’ behaviour
  • Considering new people that join your organisation
  • Delivering the results for you

Sustaining it for the long term

Improving the customer experience and employee experience should not be seen as one off exercises or tactical initiatives. We ensure that our training solutions deliver for the long term, setting you up for success. This often means providing you with a suite of ongoing initiatives to embed the core training, developing onboarding programmes for new starters and creating innovative recognition programmes to ensure continuous engagement.


The results of our training solutions are clear and measurable. From improvements in employee engagement, successful delivery of the customer experience and growth in commercial performance, we ensure that results are tangible and delivered. Too much training is done without the right measurement in place – simply asking for feedback or whether people ‘feel’ it has worked is not good enough. We agree the metrics with you up front so everyone is clear on what basis success will be judged.

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