CX Implementation

Implementing the customer experience is often the hardest part. Engaging employees, changing processes, and developing products is a daunting task. And that’s before you a throw changes to technology and measurement into the mix. The danger is that implementation gets reduced down to a few tactical quick wins. In reality, implementing a desired customer experience requires a sustained focus. Successful improvement involves rigorous testing and learning on an ongoing basis. We are not going to lie and say this is easy, but we can help in a number of ways from designing an implementation blueprint that you implement yourselves to being your full implementation partner.

Employee Experience

Your people are critical to creating and sustaining the optimal customer experience. We therefore focus a lot of attention on employee experience. We advise on the overall employee experience required to deliver the customer experience, including:

  • Mapping the desired employee experience journey.  This is an excellent way to ensure that how you treat people inside your organisation reflects how you are treating people (customers) outside your organisation.  Companies that deliver an outstanding customer experience have invariably aligned their employee experience to mirror their desired customer experience.

  • Ensuring the customer is prioritised internally across the organisation.

  • Providing insight, advice and support to your employee learning strategy and employee experience.

  • Helping align recruitment and recognition with the experience you are wanting to create.

  • Coaching leaders to help them inspire the delivery of the customer experience through your people.

  • Assisting with internal communications in order to help mirror the customer messaging within your organisation.

  • Read on for more detail in our blog about our approach to employee experience.

Customer Experience Training

We design and deliver bespoke customer experience training that:

  • Focuses on the needs of your organisation – not some generic set of training manuals
  • Gives your people the skills to deliver your desired customer experience
  • Creates the right behaviours for sustained success
  • Helps teams to understand why its important to deliver a great customer experience
  • Engages people in the ongoing development of the customer experience
  • Is designed for optimal operational delivery

You can read more about our solutions for customer experience training

Ongoing Testing and Learning

A process of continual testing, learning and implementing needs to be adopted in order to optimise the return on investment.  As organisations constantly search for quick wins, this long term focus can often be sacrificed for the next big thing.  The resulting customer experience becomes short term and tactical.

Our evidence based methodology blends both the long term requirement with the short term need. During the CX Design phase we create a series ideas to be tested.  Then during implementation we learn from these tests and implement those solutions that deliver a return. Our implementation methods provide the quick wins companies search for, and also our approach creates further hypotheses to be tested.  Thus, we set you up for ongoing and measurable improvements.  You’ll have an ongoing flow of multiple improvements which combine to deliver success for the long term.

Measuring the Experience

Many organisations have now have a voice of the customer measurement solution.  And if they don’t have VOC they’ll be thinking about bringing one in. We firmly believe that the purpose of a truly effective voice of the customer program is not to chase numbers and metrics. The metric is not your target.  Instead, the real purpose of VOC is to positively impact on customer behaviour in terms of loyalty and advocacy. It is easy to get this mixed up, especially in organisations who are primarily focused on output metrics.

Taking NPS as an example, the metric itself is nice to know and to try to improve.  But the economic impact is not driven by the raw score; it is driven by the behaviour of the customers.

The world is getting survey fatigue as every brand and business wants to know if you would recommend them. Every brand wants more and more customer feedback. Survey response rates are likely to keep declining.  So having alternative methods to understand what customers are really experiencing, thinking, feeling and doing is far more important. Using the tools like our CX Lab tests combined with the customer behaviour data enables you to rely less on surveys and you can apply this methodology to the entire customer base.

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