Our CX Formulae

Our approach is to use behavioural science and evidence to create real and measurable success for clients. By taking a sophisticated scientific and data-driven approach to customer experience and employee experience, we ensure that we start from a position of real insight. And we can prove the impact on customers actual behaviour, whether that be spending more, more often, or contacting you less to complain or query.

CX Insight

Our CX Insight uses advanced biometrics and neuroscience to truly understand both the conscious and unconscious customer experience. Our unique research goes way beyond surveys to uncover the factors that really influence your customers’ decision-making and purchasing.

Our research covers the full journey of the customer and employee experience:

Actual real-time customer experience

  • We use biometric and ethnographic research tools to test customers’ in-the-moment responses. These methods are more effective than traditional surveys as humans are unreliable in stating what they actually think.

  • Using biometric measuring devices combined with ethnographic research we can identify the Tripping PointsTM.  These are the instances where you are creating an unexpected, stressful or unwanted reaction that requires attention in the customer journey.

  • Our CX research includes: Searcher, Extrospector, Revealer, Ethnotracker, and Biotracker.

  • The research can also be deployed to evaluate the employee experience to understand workplace stress and the delivery of the customer experience.

Remembered experience

  • We understand what the customer remembers of the experience. Daniel Kahneman’s introduced the notion of two selves, the experience self and the remembering self. Our research is unique in understanding both these elements. This is critical as the remembering self is important in deciding to repeat an experience and the experience self is important within the actual experience.

  • These are the moments that customers tell their friends and family about. Both positive and negative!

  • CX Insight methods include using game theory to create online games, group monitoring, surveys (without the usual priming and bias that exists in many customer surveys) and our interestingly named ‘Dark Side’ research tool

  • Our data scientists also dig deep to analyse your existing customer data to uncover customer behaviour and correlate it against our own research.

Resulting behaviour

  • By understanding the real time customer experience, the conscious remembered experience, the final stage is to dig into the data to understand what customers actually do as a result. In other words, what’s the resulting behaviour: do the customers come back to you?  Or do they increase their spend?  Do they recommend you?  Do they change channels?

  • Our data scientists delve into your existing data, looking for patterns and correlating it against the real time and remembered experience insight.

  • Combining these three elements provides a tremendous level of insight into your customers and their experiences. We also mirror this same approach to delve into the employee experience.

Our CX Insights can be deployed as a full end to end process or they can be run as standalone research and experiments.

CX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Customer experience design
CX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Customer experience design

CX Design

The CX Design phase uses the deep insight from the CX Insights combined with the latest Design Thinking to create the optimised customer experience. We do this as a co-creation design process working with your cross functional teams to push the thinking about what the desired experience should be like for customers. The outputs include:

  • Creating the optimal customer journey.

  • Using behavioural science to positively influence the customer both consciously and unconsciously

  • Pinpointing what can be removed from the customer journey.

  • Establishing the negative impacts on customers that can be reduced and fixed.

  • Creating the distinctive elements of the experience.

  • Getting clear about the things that you need to get right every time to meet the expectations of your customers.

  • Identifying the special touches that ensure the experience is differentiated and creates advocacy.

  • Becoming super clear about the promise you make to your customers.

Our CX Design methods are tailored to each individual client. This enables us to help you to be innovative in your thinking and wise in your decision making. We use an approach that takes elements of Design Thinking but also uses findings from neuroscience and psychology about how people do their best creative thinking. For example we don’t do all the creative work in group workshops.  Instead we give individuals time to think on their own. And we work hard to help our clients put themselves in their customers’ (and employees’) shoes. Stand by for some exciting and thought provoking ways of working!

CX Implementation

Using the CX Design we help you to implement changes to your CX, your processes, technology and your employee experience (EX). CX and EX go hand in hand as in most organisations it is employees who create the experience for customers. The CX Design phase creates lots of ideas and we recommend testing these to ensure that investment is focused into those areas most likely to deliver a return. Our expertise in CX Implementation includes:

  • Establishing what needs to change in the operation process, employee experience, technology and product

  • Designing and delivering the latest training and communications to enable employees to make the desired CX come to life

  • Coaching your leadership to ensure delivery of the CX through your people

  • Fast testing of ideas and hypotheses

  • Digital build and prototyping of solutions

  • Ongoing advice and support of your employee learning and employee experience

  • Pre and post measurement of the experience to allow robust testing of solutions

  • Developing marketing programmes that create loyalty and profitable growth

  • Ensuring the voice of the customer is prioritised across the organisation

CX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Customer experience implementation