Deep breath. Ok, here goes.

It is really exciting to write CX Lab’s first blog post. We’re a brand new company, started up by myself – Flora Marriott – and two inspiring and talented guys who both happen to be called Tim.  Tim Wade and Tim Routledge. (Yes it does get confusing).  I’m kicking off our blog, and you’ll see the guys’ contributions below.

One thing we are trying hard to do is make sure that both what we do and how we do it are true to ourselves. CX Lab is something that the three of us really believe in.  We have a bee in our bonnet about wanting to help companies to bring a more scientific method into the way they treat their customers.

Using a scientific method isn’t complicated.  It’s the good old fashioned principle of having a hypothesis, testing it out and proving or disproving it.   For example, if you have a change you want to make to your customer service model, we rigorously but speedily test it out, before you go to a full rollout

So many times in business, new ideas and changes are implemented on the basis of gut feeling or a new initiative happens because of the need to be seen to be doing something in response to a problem.  We aim to help organisations make improvements based on evidence.

Here’s Tim Routledge to explain a bit more…..

Tim Routledge

In a world of spin, fake news, inflated egos and BS, we – CX Lab – hope to be a breath of fresh air.  We want to challenge the status quo, dare to ask the difficult questions, and encourage bold initiatives.

We’re excited because we’ve developed a brand-new suite of innovative CX research tools based on the latest learnings from neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics. These tools uncover the psychophysiological drivers of behaviour – in both customers and employees.  The tools enable us to design, test, refine and implement optimal customer experiences that deliver commercial success.

For a retailer for example, we have used biometric devices to measure customers’ real time responses to a new service model.  It’s fascinating and incredibly useful for the client to be able to see how customers actually respond physically and emotionally to the store and the employees. We showed which stages of the journey were the most and least stressful, which gave the client the ability to eliminate the stress points so that customers purchase more often.  

Now here’s the other Tim to tell you why we’re your best bet in an increasingly uncertain (and unscientific) world…

Tim Wade

Born and bred in Yorkshire gives me a predisposition to say things how they are, without the need for corporate nonsense and rhetoric. (Being Yorkshire also means that I’m tight fisted, wear a flat cap and breed whippets – OK that’s not totally true).

So CX Lab is all about customer experience that 
delivers real commercial returns for clients without all the other nonsense that always prevails when something becomes popular.  The best way to achieve this is by combining our strategic ability and wealth of experience with the evidence and rigour of science.  As far as we can see this
 makes CX Lab pretty unique.

Understanding the real human behaviour, designing solutions, testing and implementing with meaningful measurement provides the greatest opportunity for real results. And who wouldn’t want the greatest chance of results?

To witness a very Yorkshire customer experience you should watch the video for Yorkshire Airlines.  Enjoy!