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Digital customer experience case study

Working with one of the largest websites in the UK we identified that a large number of people were registering for an online account but not then going on to spend.

Our approach started by understanding the real reason why customers do not convert. This involved biometric research to understand both the unconscious and conscious behaviour of customers online. We then used this insight to create a prioritised roadmap of improvements for the redesign of a new website and app. This was followed by a retest of the experience to measure improvements in engagement and behaviour. The results were impressive!

Our approach


For this digital customer experience case study we carried out our unique Tripping Point® study on a mix of frequent and new customers.

  • Recruited through behavioural recruitment
  • Disguised the purpose of research to avoid any bias
  • Used smart biometric devices and Face Tracker technology to uncover the unconscious response
  • Interviewed customers post research via computer (to remove human bias)

The research uncovered several improvements from both a functional and emotional perspective. We identified what gets in the way, what causes stress and critically where are the opportunities to create greater excitement and engagement.


Using the insight we created a prioritised roadmap of improvements. These included both functional elements of the experience as well as emotional, e.g. where can we add to the experience to create the emotion expected of this brand.


The internal digital/IT team then set about making these improvements before we re-tested the experience and analysed the results.

Digital customer experience
Customer experience biometric research in action with CX Lab

Results achieved

The strategy delivered some exciting results and a significant commercial return:

  • 21% increase in conversion rate
  • £multi-million revenue increase
  • Improved customer experience

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