Creating an employee experience that delivers a great customer experience is at the heart of the work we do at CX Lab. Our strategic approach begins with a deep understanding of the experience for your people. Going way beyond the annual employee survey we utilise advanced biometric monitoring to discover how your people are feeling throughout the employee journey, their expectations and what is causing them excessive stress. Using this insight we then work with you to redesign the employee experience. Everything from leadership development, customer experience training, induction design, recognition programmes, employee health & wellbeing and recruitment. Our objective is to improve the customer experience through an enhanced employee experience – reducing sickness absence, increasing productivity and strengthening loyalty.

  • Employee insight – advanced biometric monitoring of the employee experience and transformational insight into the voice of the employee (VOE).

  • Customer experience training – delivering a unique understanding of how a customer’s emotional, physiological and motivational state influences their behaviour.

  • Employee journey maps – companies that deliver an outstanding customer experience have invariably aligned their employees to mirror their desired customer experience.

  • Leadership behaviour – from workshops to individual coaching, we help leaders to inspire their teams to be truly customer-centric.

  • Cultural transformation and holistic alignment – ensuring the customer is prioritised internally across the entire organisation.

  • Recruitment – we help design your recruitment processes to fully align with your customer-centric ambition.

  • Recognition – we work with you to design recognition programmes that both celebrate and drive value-led and customer-focused behaviour.

  • Internal communications – we work with your teams to ensure that internal communications place the customer firmly at the heart of your organisation.

Employee Experience Biometrics

Understanding your employees is as critical as understanding your customers. Yet many organisations still think an annual survey provides a deep understanding of their people. It does not. Employee survey data suffers from the same challenges of any other survey-based effort:

  • It becomes dated quickly, as it only represents one moment in-time
  • Availability bias from respondents thinking only of recent events
  • Potentially gamed results — people telling you what they think you want to hear rather than what they really think
  • Often results do not reflect actual employee behaviour

Our approach is to understand the whole employee experience and to use advanced biometric monitoring to genuinely understand how your employees feel and what is causing them stress and anxiety. Armed with this insight we are able to work with you to redesign and improve the experience.

Customer Experience Training

We design customer experience training that gives your people the skills to deliver your desired CX. Our training uses behavioural science and knowledge about how people learn in order to create a measurable difference to the customer experience. For example, the Law of Approach and Avoidance (Herschberger) lies behind our learning design. We don’t try to sell you yet another generic training product. Instead we create bespoke customer experience training solutions that become a seamless part of work, not a one-off wonder, ensuring results are sustained for the long term. Sometimes employees may not even recognise it as training! Our work includes:

  • Designing training and communications to enable front line and supporting employees to make the desired CX come to life
  • Developing bespoke learning solutions to help deliver your organisation’s unique customer experience and objectives
  • Providing ongoing advice and support for your employee learning
  • Measuring the impact of training against the customer experience, behaviour and commercial return

Voice of the Employee (VOE)

Most organisations seem to be surveying their employees these days – trying to understand how engaged they are and how likely they are to recommend working at that organisation. Although these are useful, they provide a very narrow view of the employee experience. And as the employee experience is one of the key drivers of the customer experience, we need a far deeper, more objective understanding of that experience. Through our unique biometric approach we seek to understand the psychophysiological underpinning of the employee experience and how it can be enhanced. Through our unique approach we are able to understand the experience along the entire employee journey, from recruitment through to exit (should that happen).

Leadership Development

As the Service Profit Chain shows, the starting point for delivering a return from customer experience is leadership. Leaders create the employee experience, they drive the customer agenda and this delivers the commercial return. We spend a lot of time with leaders helping them:

  • Define their customer strategy
  • Create the employee experience
  • Develop effective leadership behaviours
  • Improving their communications and personal impact
  • Coaching and mentoring

We start by understanding how engaged the leadership teams are in customer and employee experience, and this isn’t just about what they say but how they act and what they do. Leaders can all say they are customer focused in a survey but this often hides how they really behave and what they actually prioritise.

Employee Experience Design

It is important to consider the entire employee journey when redesigning the experience. Starting with the findings from our unique insight we then work with you to design the employee experience. Our team are trained in the Design Thinking methodology from Stanford University and use this to map the employee journey and design innovative employee experiences. Solutions include:

  • Recognition programmes
  • Changes to internal communications
  • Designing new recruitment processes
  • Training
  • Onboarding design

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