How do we use the rigour of science to help organisations grow by improving the customer experience and employee experience?…and we don’t mean the fluffy kind of experience – we mean the stuff that genuinely delivers a return

Our Story

As customer experience has grown as a discipline so has the BS and the rhetoric. Software firms are all about the voice of the customer, large consultancy firms use clever looking models, and people everywhere have started mapping customer journeys. (These journey maps look very impressive on their office walls). Some things worked, but for most organisations NPS may have moved up a little (mainly because it was measured more) but did customer behaviour really change? Did your customers really become more loyal to your organisation?

We think there is a better way. Yeah, okay so does everyone else. But whilst others might have a different model, ours is an entirely different philosophy, one based on the facts and methods of science rather than the rhetoric of hype. The science of human behaviour and how we influence that behaviour drives customer experience so we study it and use it to create growth within organisations.

We set up CX Lab to bring more evidence and less rhetoric to customer experience. We’ve come together from backgrounds of learning design, behavioural science, marketing, brand and consulting. And we got together with one purpose: to pioneer behavioural science in customer and employee experience.

CX Lab - customer experience consultancy. team working hard
CX Lab - customer experience consultancy. team having fun

Our Lab Ethics

Here’s the lowdown on the things that really matter to us:


We believe evidence based science is far more powerful and predictive than opinions alone. For us, science means having substance and depth to what we say and do. It’s about helping our clients to generate ideas, testing the ideas to see if they work, and then rolling out based on the evidence of the test results. We’re big on rigour, facts, and walking the talk – it’s our Yorkshire heart.


Your employee experience creates your customer experience which in turn brings commercial returns; it’s all about the power of humans to deliver great experiences. We believe it’s critical to create a good employee experience with high employee engagement. This enables your people to deliver a great customer experience. It’s the human touch that defines the truly outstanding customer experiences. Of course it is a strategic choice to prioritise front line employees. Some companies achieve success through exploiting or ignoring their front line employees. However, success at the expense of employees usually doesn’t last long. Instead, think about the companies you most admire – their leaders have a conscience and their employees and customers know this.


Constantly exploring the latest thinking, scientific research and new ideas in order to bring the best solutions to clients. We’re passionate about not following the herd and the latest fad. It’s about being shepherds, not sheep. We love to explore and challenge the ‘it’s always been done this way’ mindset. For us it is all about using evidence and the right approach that leads to positive impact on every project we undertake.


We aspire to leave people and places better than we found them and we absolutely love working with clients who place their people and their customers at the heart of what they do.  It might sound wishy washy but what we mean is that it’s important to treat people and resources with decency. We care about telling the truth. Trust is precious and is hard earned: from both customers and employees. We really care about helping you build that trust.

Meet Our Team

Customer & Employee Experience Experts

Tim Wade
Tim WadeCo-Founder
Yorkshire through and through, but don’t let that put you off. After leading the transformation of the customer experience as Marketing Director of Best Western I turned to the dark side of consulting and led global customer experience programmes with some great clients. Creating beautifully effective and simple strategies is where my passion is (as well as Crossfit).
Tim Routledge
Tim RoutledgeCo-Founder
My passion is the use of science to better understand human behaviour and how this evidence-based knowledge can be used to improve commercial experiences for everyone involved – customers, employees and the business itself. My tenuous claim to Yorkshire-ness is that I went to university in York.
Jenn McBeath
Jenn McBeathNew Business Director
A passionate and results-driven Business Development Specialist with over 20 years’ experience of New Business within both global network creative agencies and smaller UK independents. Now leading the new business for CX Lab.
Ian Armstrong
Ian ArmstrongDirector
I’ve been a client for over 24 years. Soft Drinks and Automotive have been my proving ground whilst learning about the science along the way. It got serious about 12 years ago whilst delivering some innovative research for an Auto brand and I’ve come back. A passion for brands and how people make decisions. I’m from Northumberland so Yorkshire is the midlands to me!

The wider CX Lab team includes specialists in research, data science, UX, learning and development, training delivery, employee wellness, leadership development and behaviour change. We are also supported by partners and leading universities to ensure that all projects benefit from the latest scientific advances and are resourced by world leading expertise.

CX Lab Ethics

These things are important to us

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