Everything you need to take part in our study

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this exciting study.

On this page you will find all the useful information about the study, from how to get started, how to charge the device, and much more. We have also included answers to common technical issues you might have and contact details should you need to get in touch.

Pre-study questionnaire
Before you receive your monitor, we’d like you to complete a questionnaire at the beginning of the study that should take about 5 minutes. We will send details of this to you in an email with all the instructions, but you can click here in case you need it.

Downloading E4 Manager

The first step, before you receive everything through the post, is to download E4 manager onto your personal computer. Please follow these simple instructions and/or refer to the video.

  • The first time you charge or upload the data you will need to download E4 Manager to your laptop or PC.
  • Click here and the download will start and follow the instructions on screen.
  • If you have any issues downloading, then there are help sections for Windows users here and for Mac users here

Get Started

What’s in the box you receive

In the box you receive will be the following items:

  • Empatica E4 watch device (with cradle and short USB cable)
  • Paper diary to complete
  • Prepaid envelope for returning everything

Carefully unpack everything and save the box to repack everything into at the end of the study. Everything is fully charged so you can get started by following the instructions below to put the E4 watch on and turn it on. Please note in the diary the time you turn the E4 on.

Inside the box

Putting the device on

1. Slide the loop towards the case and place the E4 wristband top-down on a surface.

2. Wear the E4 wristband on the non-dominant hand with the case on the top of the wrist. The two silver electrodes (under the snap-fastener) should line up on the bottom of the wrist. Line them up under the middle and ring fingers.


3. Wrap the band over snaps and tighten. To secure, connect one snap at a time. If too tight, loosen by one snap. Tighten the E4 wristband enough to ensure the electrodes do not change position on the skin during normal movement but not so much as to constrict blood flow or cause discomfort.

4. The E4 wristband should fit snugly above the wrist joint. When the E4 wristband is properly secured, you should not be able to see any green light escaping from under the E4 wristband without lifting it up from the wrist.

Press the button for 2 seconds to power on the E4 wristband.


Charging the watch and Uploading data

Once a day, ideally at the same time each day, we ask that you remove and turn off the E4 to recharge it and, at the same time, upload its data via the E4 Manager app on your laptop or PC. This will take around 30mins/1 hour.

Step 1: Switch off the E4 device

  • Power off your E4 device by pressing and holding the button on its face for 2 seconds. You will see a red light which will then go out
  • Take the E4 off your wrist. If there are no green lights at the back of the watch then you have successfully turned it off. If these lights are still on, press and hold the button again until they go out.

Step 2: launch the E4 Manager application on your laptop or PC.

  • Make sure you are connected to the Internet to do this.
  • The first time you launch the application, you should see the log-in screen to the right. Log in using the email and password supplied.
E4 manager log in screen

If the log in is successful, you should see the following screen

E4 manager connect device screen

Now attach the E4 device to its charging cradle by pressing the E4 down onto the cradle as shown in the illustration below.
The cradle only fits one way, you will see a row of four metal connecting pins on the cradle that align with four connectors on the back of the E4. You will hear an audible click when the two are properly connected.

Now take the USB charging cable and plug the smaller, mini-USB end into the port in the cradle. It only fits one way, when the USB symbol on the plug is facing upwards. Please be careful with this connection – it can be a bit fiddly as the plug is small!

Now plug the other end of the cable – the normal USB end into a spare USB port on your laptop or PC. Again it will only go in one way (when the USB symbol on the plus is facing upwards). You will see an orange light on the face of the E4 device.

E4 device connect to PC

When the E4 is connected, you should see the following screen in E4 Manager on your laptop or PC…

You now need to click on the grey oval ‘Sync sessions’ button (below the E4 manager header) to start the data transfer.

E4 manager view sessions

The grey oval box will now change to ‘Syncing’ and the E4 Manager will start downloading data from the device. You will see the progress of this as a percentage next to ‘Syncing’.

It should take around 20 minutes to download 24 hours of data. During this time the light on the E4 device will flash orange and purple.

When the upload is complete, the words will change to ‘All sessions synced”.

E4 manager syncing sessions

If you click ‘View Sessions’ in the bottom RH corner of the E4 Manager screen, you should see a list like the one below. It will have one row for each day of data, so will start with one and add another each time you connect the E4 until you have all seven days at the end of the monitoring period.

When the upload is complete, the words in the bottom LH corner of the E4 Manager screen will change from ‘Uploading sessions’ to ‘All sessions synced”.

The ‘Status’ column on the RH side of the screen will change to DOWNLOADED when the data been transferred from the device, then to PROCESSING as it is uploaded into the cloud via the internet, and finally to PROCESSED when this is complete

If your internet connection is interrupted during the upload process and the status does not change from DOWNLOADED, please try and reconnect to the internet. If the status still does not change, please contact support

E4 manager session list

After the transfer and upload process is complete, please leave your E4 device plugged into your laptop or PC until the light on the face changes from orange (charging) to green (fully charged).

Then disconnect the USB cable from your laptop or PC and the min-USB from the charging cradle.

Now, separate the E4 device from the charging cable. To do this, hold the device and cradle in both hands with the E4 button at the bottom and your fingers under the cradle. Place your thumbs on either side of the cradle edge and push down firmly.

Now place the E4 back onto the wrist of your non-dominant hand making sure it is snugly fitted and press and hold the button on the face of the device. The light on the face will flash blue for several seconds and then go red and then go out. Check that the E4 is on by looking between the device and your wrist to see that the green light is illuminated

Returning everything

After the 7-days please box everything back up and place in the plastic prepaid return envelope and seal. You must take this to a Post Office counter. Please do not place in a post box. You will not be charged anything for the return.

prepaid envelope

Technical Issues

Green lights under body of watch (between watch and wrist) have gone out

Watch has turned off

Try to restart watch by holding down button on face for 2 seconds and release.

  • If no lights appear on face, watch needs to be recharged (see Charging and Data Upload)
  • If light of face goes to flashing orange after button press – watch needs recharging (see Charging and Data Upload)
  • If normal light start-up sequence happens – i.e. blue light > rapidly flashing blue light (1 minute) > red light > no lights AND you can see green lights under body of watch, all is fine.
  • If, at the end of normal light start-up sequence, you see a flashing orange light, watch needs recharging (see Charging and Data Upload)
  • If white light appears on watch face after button press – watch needs to reboot (see Reboot)

If a white light appears on the face of the watch – this may happen during data upload/charging – the watch needs to be rebooted

  • If this happens during upload/charging, unplug the USB connecter from your PC, close and reopen the E4 Manager app on your PC.
  • Reconnect the USB cable from your watch, light on face should turn orange – follow data upload steps.
  • This may occur several times during data upload
  • If so, after watch is disconnected from PC, and when white light is visible on face, press and hold button on watch for 10 seconds
  • Ensure you close and reopen the E4 Manager app BEFORE reconnecting the watch to your PC
  • Light should change to orange
  • Follow data upload steps

Contact us

For help with anything then please feel free to contact one of the team:

  • Tim Routledge
    • tr@cxlab.co.uk
    • 07957 420701
  • Tim Wade
    • tw@cxlab.co.uk
    • 07552 231749