Behavioural science – Can a blue room really make a difference to profit?

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Behavioural Science - can a blue room really make a difference to profit? In an experiment carried out on behalf of Honda UK, we created an environment specifically engineered to test the findings of numerous behavioural science studies and our own long-term research in the automotive sector. The study was designed to investigate the

Digital customer experience

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Digital Customer Experience A recent Appdynamics study found that 88% of technologists report that digital customer experience is now the priority. OK, so that is hardly earth-shattering news to most of you. It probably was the priority before lockdown and with shops only just opening, it certainly will continue to be a priority.

Behavioural research is more important than ever

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Behavioural research is more important than ever. You don’t need us to tell you that customer behaviour has changed over these last few months. Queuing outside supermarkets, increased online shopping and social distancing have changed the way we do things. For many, this is a stressful time. Understanding this new customer anxiety, emotion and behaviour

5 ways to transform mystery shopping

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Mystery shopping is not useful! Recently I came across a report from ContactBabel describing how respondents rated the usefulness of various CX learning methods. Interestingly and perhaps not surprising, were the respondents low scores for the usefulness of mystery shopping. This is a £billion industry – that's an awful lot to spend on something

User experience – the secret to improving it

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User Experience - the secret to improving it Understanding any aspect of human behaviour like user experience is never as straightforward as we would like. If humans were the conscious, rational decision makers we used to believe then human study would be simple. We would just ask people about what they did and why

Emotional Connection – The Big Lie

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Is Emotion the key to customer experience differentiation? There appears to be a popular narrative at the moment about the need for brands and experiences to create positive emotional connections for customers. Emotion and customer experience appear to be key partners. Only recently Forrester announced: “Emotion Holds The Key To Achieving CX Differentiation -

How science can help us better understand customer experience

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The psychology and physiology of customer experience In a previous post (customer surveys are a  waste of time) we said to stop wasting time on meaningless customer surveys. A bold statement but one we stick to as most customers surveys are poorly designed, they do not provide useful insight and it seems their sole purpose

Behavioural science CX experiment findings

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Behavioural Science Experiment - People don't do what they say Much of the thinking in the world of customer experience has been developed by asking customers or employee questions. The issue with this is that people don't do what they say. Our unconscious, for the most part, is in charge. Asking people the what's and

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