Behavioural science – Can a blue room really make a difference to profit?

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Behavioural Science - can a blue room really make a difference to profit? In an experiment carried out on behalf of Honda UK, we created an environment specifically engineered to test the findings of numerous behavioural science studies and our own long-term research in the automotive sector. The study was designed to investigate the

Is car retailing dead?

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Is car retailing dead? Last week Vauxhall put its head above the parapet to end the contracts of all 300+ of its UK dealerships.  (Here's the news piece in the Daily Telegraph).   This sent shockwaves through an industry already reeling from falling new car sales. The future is very uncertain. A recent KPMG report predicts

7 Secrets of Successful Customer Journey Mapping

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7 Secrets of Successful Customer Journey Mapping Last week we shared our tips for customer journey mapping workshops. Now we’re onto the actual process of journey mapping itself. Customer journey mapping gets written about a lot. And we have seen our fair share of beautifully crafted maps adorning office walls. I know I don’t

7 Tips for Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

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We've run countless workshops to help clients create customer journey maps.  It's a privilege to help people think differently and take their business forward.  We've learnt a thing or two along the way about what works best.  And what doesn't!  Here are 7 elements that describe the most successful workshops:

CX Lab – what we are about

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CX Lab We decided it was time to cut through the crap about customer and employee experience and inject some science. We have a bee in our bonnet about wanting to help companies to bring the latest behavioural science to understand human behaviour and apply this to improve the experience for people. It starts with insight

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