Customer service training – 5 vital factors

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Customer service training - waste of time or good investment? For many organisations looking to improve the customer experience, one of the go-to solutions is to jump to training the front line teams, whether they be working in a contact centre, retail, sales teams, B2B or B2C. This well-trodden route seems like an easy answer,

Employee experience is more useful than engagement

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Employee experience is more useful than engagement Note: this is a sequel blog post.  The first one is, 'Is Employee Engagement a Distraction?'   As outlined in the previous post, I believe that there are three questions that are much more important to ask than ‘are employees engaged?’ 1. What are leavers costing the company? 2.

Is employee engagement a diversion?

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Is employee engagement a diversion? A magician shuffles his cards. He asks us to name our card and to watch for it as he shuffles. The audience is quiet, watching hawk eyed. This is how magic works. Our attention is diverted. Our eyes are misdirected, so that we don’t notice the actual trick. If you

From VIP to cattle class

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Flora discovers how Liverpool Football Club could teach the Italians a thing or two... All of our team at CX Lab are big sports fans.  For my part, I like nothing better than going to Liverpool to see my team play.   Whilst on holiday in Italy recently, I got tickets for the Turin derby.  Torino

Step into your customers’ shoes using ethnography

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What is ethnography? Ethnography is one of the methods we use in our CX Lab Tests.  Although it’s not a new research method, it’s not yet used to its full potential by businesses.  We’re always excited by the insights revealed by our ethnographic research.  If you’d like to know more about what exactly ethnography is,

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