Customer service training – 5 vital factors

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Customer service training - waste of time or good investment? For many organisations looking to improve the customer experience, one of the go-to solutions is to jump to training the front line teams, whether they be working in a contact centre, retail, sales teams, B2B or B2C. This well-trodden route seems like an easy answer,

Employee experience research: when needs get critical

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Who’s there to help when the blue lights are flashing for ambulance staff themselves? We recently came across a tender that had been put out by Health Education England ‘promoting wellbeing for UK NHS Ambulance Personnel’. It called for bids from interested parties to provide employee research services to try and uncover the causes of

Onboarding – hitting the ground running

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In my last post I wrote about starting a new job, and how companies often make new joiners feel like a fish out of water. In this post I'm going to write about how we can get our new joiners to swim happily, as quickly as possible. In other words, how to set your onboarding

Is car retailing dead?

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Is car retailing dead? Last week Vauxhall put its head above the parapet to end the contracts of all 300+ of its UK dealerships.  (Here's the news piece in the Daily Telegraph).   This sent shockwaves through an industry already reeling from falling new car sales. The future is very uncertain. A recent KPMG report predicts

Employee experience is more useful than engagement

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Employee experience is more useful than engagement Note: this is a sequel blog post.  The first one is, 'Is Employee Engagement a Distraction?'   As outlined in the previous post, I believe that there are three questions that are much more important to ask than ‘are employees engaged?’ 1. What are leavers costing the company? 2.

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