How science can help us better understand customer experience

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The psychology and physiology of customer experience In a previous post (customer surveys are a  waste of time) we said to stop wasting time on meaningless customer surveys. A bold statement but one we stick to as most customers surveys are poorly designed, they do not provide useful insight and it seems their sole purpose

The secret ingredient for improving customer experience: Tripping Points

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Imagine you can go beyond customer surveys and interviews.   Imagine you can directly see how customer interactions happen in real life and how they feel.  That’s one of the cornerstones of our CX Lab approach to customer experience.  We call our insight CX Lab Tests.  We seek to find out how customers respond and feel

The unconscious way our senses influence the customer experience

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The unconscious way our senses influence the customer experience Why should it be that hearing the sound of a creaking door should make people rate their back as feeling stiffer or that sitting in a blue room with soft carpet, gentle music and a lavender fragrance would make customers more likely to accept higher

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