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Customers don’t do what they say. We see this in our work and in behavioural science. Customers, like all humans, are driven by unconscious behaviour and decision making. This has huge significance on business, on customer experience on marketing and on research.

Tim brings together the latest science of customer behaviour and organisational culture to unearth how you can create a brand and customer experience that delivers a genuine return on investment.

Find out what truly influences customers’ decision making and behaviour. Understand why chocolate sells more books, why a blue room sells more cars and why understanding your customers’ unconscious behaviour is key to growth. Challenge what you think to be true about customer behaviour. Discover how you can create customer experiences that influence your customers. And turn this into serious growth.

Combining scientific evidence with case studies from his own work Tim challenges your audience to think differently about customers and the experience you need to create. Come away with a new way forward!

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About Tim Wade

Described as engaging, passionate and thought-provoking, Tim Wade is a recognised business speaker and consultant on customer experience and marketing. When he speaks Tim challenges audiences about human behaviour and to think differently about what it takes to deliver their customer experience, marketing and growth strategy.

Business Speaker

Tim is the founder of CX Lab and has lead the transformation of businesses across multiple sectors including hospitality, retail, telecoms, financial services, B2B, energy and technology. It all began for Tim in fast paced retail. From there Tim’s rapid rise took him through roles in telecoms, financial services and hospitality ending his corporate career as Marketing Director for the worlds largest hotel brand.

Tim’s entrepreneurial spirt was strong so after delivering impressive results for organisations and a stint as Managing Director of a management consultancy he decided to start his own consultancy.

The CX Lab philosophy is based on the facts and methods of science rather than the rhetoric of hype. Using the study of human behaviour to create customer and employee experiences that generate measurable and evidenced growth for organisations. From advanced biometrics to understanding brain activity during an experience CX Lab are at the cutting edge of customer understanding. This thinking brings new insight and leads to real business growth – And a fascinating keynote presentation!

Tim brings this experience alive when he speaks, showcasing proven, tangible solutions and interesting stories and case studies that will differentiate and grow your organisation.

Key topics

From a keynote speech to a two day workshops, here are some of the key topics covered:

Why customers don’t do what they say, why chocolate makes you buy more books and how you can improve your customer experience

Customers don’t do what they say!. Behavioural and neuroscience show us that for the most part our unconscious is in charge. This has a big impact on the customer experiences we need to create. Understanding and influencing what customers actually do, how they feel and why they do things is at the heart of great customer experiences.

Tim brings together the latest science with stories and anecdotes of successful and innovative organisations. He will challenge your audience to think differently about customers and the experiences you need to create. Come away with the truth and a new way forward

How to create a customer experience that grows your business

Customer experience has become the core way for business to differentiate and grow. Gartner state that 87% of marketing leaders expect CX to be their primary differentiation strategy. The challenge for business is HOW! How do you create a customer experience that differentiates your organisation and grows your business?

Tim’s presentation and workshops bring together behavioural science with amazing case studies to show you how. He challenges the audience about how to influence customers. And shows them what they need to do to deliver a leading brand and customer experience.

Creating a customer centric organisation

With brands like Amazon providing drone delivery, to Uber disrupting the taxi market. Merely keeping up, never mind differentiating, is becoming a constant challenge. In this fast paced digital world where customers expectations are ever increasing, how do you stand out?

What the leading businesses have in common is that they place the customer at the centre of their organisation. In a keynote speech, Tim will inspire audiences about understanding customer behaviour and what it takes to create this customer centricity. The growth benefits are huge.

The Best Western Story

Tim joined Best Western at the beginning of the financial crisis. The hotel sector wasn’t growing, the Best Western brand was performing poorly and the customer experience was best described as random. Tim completely transformed the Best Western brand. ‘Hotels with Personality’ became the brand strategy and Tim drove this through a complete transformation of customer experience, marketing, plus a major culture change throughout the group. The results saw double digit growth every year with the Best Western brand becoming the number one in its sector. How to take a middle of the road organisation and transform it is a story that audiences can relate to and be inspired into action.

CX Lab - customer experience workshop
Tim Wade customer experience speaker and co-founder of CX Lab
Tim Wade speaker


“Delegates at our 2015 conference were captivated by Tim’s illuminating session on highlighting the fundamental importance of customer experience. Several members commented on how interesting it was to hear from someone with such a good, proven track record. His message is relevant for any industry.”

Liz Circuit, National Housing Maintenance Forum

“The session delivered by Tim at our customer experience event was engaging and thought-provoking and certainly met the brief we had given him. His knowledge, real-life examples and questioning approach meant that delegates went away with ideas and perspectives that will help them on their customer experience journey. We would be happy to work with him in the future”

Ellie Gittos, Transversal

“Tim joined us in Australia as an international keynote speaker at the Customer 360 Symposium, a by-invitation conference for leaders in Customer Experience. I found Tim to be a pleasure to work with and highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Customer Experience. His keynote was very well received by our audience of enterprise marketing and Customer Experience leaders. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim as an expert in CX”

Mark Abay , Ashton Media

Tim Wade opened the Retail Week 2018 Customer Experience Masterclass. His presentation was fantastic and rich in data and insight that our audience would have struggled to get elsewhere. Facts, figures and key takeaways interspersed with witty personal anecdotes made it a lively and compelling session, with many of our delegates keen to chat to Tim afterwards. A brilliant way to start the day.

Jade O'Donoghue, Retail Week

Recent clients

Oxford Instruments, Sanofi Genzyme, Canon, Bayer, eNett, Estee Lauder Companies, Shell, TUI, Fiat, Oracle – Net Suite, Barchester Care Homes, Provident, Greene King, Taylor Wimpey, Basware, Salesforce, Maritz CX, Clarabridge, Self Storage Association, Hilton, UK active, World Hotels, John D Wood, Transversal, Frees, Deutsche Bank, Corona Energy, National Housing Maintenance Forum, RBS

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