Customer Experience Research Toolkit

New insights from neuroscience, psychology and physiology reveal how little of our behaviour is driven by rationality.   Our actions are actually driven by our unconscious mind.  Our unconscious mind is heavily influenced by sensory stimulation from all around us.   We are also subconsciously influenced by the external actions of others and by our own irrationality.  The vast majority of customer experience research asks people what they did and asks for their opinions.  But  science tells us this research is flawed.  People search their conscious brains for the reasons why they did things or for ideas on how to improve the service or product.  However, their reasoning is often inaccurate.

So how can we understand what’s really going on?   How can we monitor real behaviour in real time?  How can we use measures that don’t rely on memory? How can we eliminate the conscious filtering that happens when we focus attention to what we are doing?

To answer these questions, we have developed a research toolkit based on the science of customer experience.  We find out the actual experience customers have, what they remember and how this memory impacts on their behaviour.

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