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The brief

Identify why customers walk away from showrooms empty-handed and why they might not return in the future. Using the findings implement a customer experience programme to make improvements to commercial performance.

Our approach


The research focused on both customers and customer-facing staff. A combination of scientific research approaches and techniques from neuroscience, psychology, physiology and behavioural economics were used to truly understand customer experiences and the factors that influence decision making and purchasing. Using cutting-edge technology to take biometric monitoring out of the lab and into the world of car retailing, we monitored real customers who were intent on buying a car, filming and recording them while they researched online and when they visited car showrooms. This information was matched with second-by-second recordings of their heart rates, respiration and electro dermal skin responses.

Using this data, scientists completed a physiological and psychological profile of the customer journey to identify the moments when it goes wrong – events that can ‘trip up’ the relationship and get in the way of a successful interaction between customers and staff


The findings from the research activity were used to create a programme of practical improvements focusing on the three key elements of customer experience that the research highlighted: People, Place and Process.

The implementation includes a comprehensive training and coaching programme for sales and aftersales teams. The employee programme provides both a theoretical framework and practical support to enable dealership teams to implement and sustain improvements and so consistently deliver optimal customer experiences

CX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Honda customer experience case studyCX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Honda customer experience case study - car dealership sales processCX Lab - customer experience consultancy - Honda customer experience case study - car dealership sales process
Customer Experience Experiment from CX Lab

Results achieved

The results were impressive across employee, customer and commercial metrics

  • 31% increase in like-for-like sales
  • 12% rise in profit per unit
  • 16% increase in Honda’s Customer Satisfaction Index
  • 62% increase in staff retention rates
  • Since its launch in the programme continues to deliver significant and measurable improvements in car sales, aftersales performance, dealership profitability, staff retention and improved customer experience

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