Employee Engagement

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to the Lush showcase event in Manchester. Primarily focused on engaging Lush employees, they invite every manager from every store across the world to a spectacular event celebrating everything lush about Lush.

It’s a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. And, as with everything Lush this was not your usual internal event, this was a multi sensory assault of the highest order. The experience was amazing.


Giant fun houses, mood rooms with enormous rain showers, floating balloons to ride in, gender neutral toilets, amazing demos, talks on everything from the environment to technology and even a few semi-naked people in bright Lush body paint running around. Everything coordinated to enhance and reflect the Lush brand. A brand born with purpose – not created by consultants – but lived through its people and their actions.

For two middle-aged men, dressed in middle-of-the-road (even boring) clothes, this was enlightening and invigorating. And we now smell great too!

Employee Experience - Lush Showcase event

Most brands would gather all their staff for the usual conference of uninspiring Powerpoint presentations by senior execs – Lush are not your usual brand. Instead they put on something that immerses every one of their people in the brand. Your staff don’t want to sit in boring lecture theatres hearing about how the business is doing, they want something to be a part of and to believe in. There’s a reason that Lush people love Lush so much.

Employee engagement - Lush showcase balloon
Employee Engagement - Lush showcase event

Employee Engagement

If you want to see a brand experience delivered by passionate people then look no further. There is genuine belief in the brand, its purpose and creating wonderful experiences for customers. Every business that wants to engage their people should look at Lush. No matter what your sector you can learn something from them. Lush epitomises what Ronan Dunne – CEO of O2 meant when he said: “If you want to make fans of your customers you have to make fans of your people.”

Employee experience = customer experience

We recently carried out a study on the retail experience at Lush. Using biometric devices to understand the unconscious, physiological response of its customers to the real-time experience. What we witnessed was arguably the best retail and sales experience on the high street and our research evidenced this. The overall positive arousal level for customers was twice that of their competitors. Their multi-sensory customer experience, combined with amazing people passionate about the brand, delivers real commercial results. Perhaps this is why their marketing budget is £0 and their staff don’t seem to mind taking their clothes off?

employee engagement - Lush showcase event 5