Behavioural Science Experiment – People don’t do what they say

Much of the thinking in the world of customer experience has been developed by asking customers or employee questions. The issue with this is that people don’t do what they say. Our unconscious, for the most part, is in charge. Asking people the what’s and why’s does not bring an understanding of customer behaviour. We need a different approach.

We need to use behavioural science to understand customers.  Whether that be understanding emotional/biometric response to an experience, or using game theory to discover the behaviour of large numbers of people online.  Surveys are not dead but they are certainly less useful than their overuse implies. By their nature they only help to understand conscious reflection on an experience.

In our previous post we invited people to our behavioural science experiment. We designed the experiment using game theory to replicate behaviour. This was in the form of an investment game. We then asked a few simple questions about how people invested.  And this enabled us to understand whether people did what they said they would do, who they trusted and who they preferred to invest with. Over 100 people participated, so we have pulled the headline results together in the infographic below.


Customer Experiemce Experiment

If you let us have your email address, you can download the full report of the findings. We’ll then put you into our marketing automation programme that sends you thousands of emails until you submit and agree to meet up (just joking, it’ll only be one or two interesting and useful things about the science of customer experience).

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