Games People Play.

Your chance to take part in our simple yet ground-breaking experiment to further the understanding of human behaviour…

Most customer experience approaches have been developed through conventional research from customers and employees. These traditional methods ask people about what they do and the reasons why. CX Lab is seeking to challenge some of these basic principles by replicating classic experiments from the field of behavioural science.

Customer Experience Experiment from CX Lab

We’d like to invite you to take part, completely anonymously, in just such an experiment that uses game theory to investigate human behaviour. The hypothesis we’re testing, if proven, could help you to design and deliver customer strategies that will positively influence customer behaviour.

When the study is complete, we’ll send you a summary of our analysis and the implications for customer experience strategy. We very much hope you will find this useful.

The experiment takes around 10 minutes to complete and involves you acting on a series of simple instructions in an imaginary investment challenge. We’ll also be asking for your gender and age range so we can identify whether there are any differences in the combined responses.

We will not capture any data about you as an individual as part of the experiment. We are only interested in the aggregated results from a large group of people and what it tells us about the way they actually behave. After you have completed the experiment you will have the option to give us your email address so we can send you a free summary of the results.

We hope we’ve intrigued you enough to take part…