Learn about the psychology and physiology of customer experience in a recent webinar from Pearson Business School. The webinar features Dr Harry Witchel from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Sam Johnson from M&S and our co-founder Tim Routledge discussing how neuroscience and physiology are key elements in customer experience.


Dr Harry Witchel talks passionately about how our unconscious and motor function influences the decisions we make. How research has show that our bodies and how we move, as well as our minds, control the decisions we make. Tim Routledge goes on to talk about uncovering the Tripping Points in the customer and employee experience. How this is vital in understanding where fixes and improvements need to be made in the customer journey. And how the reliance on asking questions in NPS style surveys does not uncover the truth about customer experience or employee experience.

It really is time for customer experience to become more science and evidence based!

The webinar is available to watch on YouTube now. Tim and fellow co-founder Flora Marriott will be running the module on customer journey mapping in October at the Pearson Business School’s upcoming program on applied customer experience. You can sign up to this course online