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Why don’t we seem to like Estate Agents and Car Dealers?

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Why buying a house is as bad as buying a car …and vice versa Why is it that we humans seem so against the idea of paying commission to sales people, brokers or agents, and yet are happy to contribute tips – on top of the actual price of their meal – to waiting staff

Car hire customer experience

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Here’s a quick story of the kind of casual attitude to customer experience that really damages the relationship between a customer and a brand and puts its staff in the onerous position of having to ‘save’ that relationship. I needed to hire a car for a few days and went

Why cars are stalling and bath bombs are fizzing

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Why cars are stalling and bath bombs are fizzing Last week we managed to squeeze in some time for shopping. Sounds very frivolous doesn’t it. But it is vital for us to be able to evolve our research methods. And it enables us to gain first hand insights into the current high street shopping

From VIP to cattle class

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Flora discovers how Liverpool Football Club could teach the Italians a thing or two... All of our team at CX Lab are big sports fans.  For my part, I like nothing better than going to Liverpool to see my team play.   Whilst on holiday in Italy recently, I got tickets for the Turin derby.  Torino

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