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We were running a series of events up and down the UK but due to Covid-19, these are currently on hold. Our last event in Manchester was a huge success and we are planning further events as soon as it is sensible to continue. Like many others, instead of touring the country, we created a series of webinars. You can watch these below. Enjoy!

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    Our Past Events

    Tripping Points in Customer Experience

    Our co-founder Tim Routledge was part of the Changing Minds webinar series from UCL. Alongside Joe Devlin, Professor of Neuroscience at UCL, Tim introduces the concept of Tripping Points with examples of how this has made a commercial difference to the likes of Honda, Virgin Atlantic and the National Lottery. Well worth 30-mins if you have them spare.

    Behavioural Science in customer experience

    In this recorded webinar find out what truly influences customers’ decision making and behaviour. Understand why chocolate sells more books, why a blue room sells more cars, how music changes your wine preference and why understanding your customers’ unconscious behaviour is key to growth. Challenge what you think to be true about customer behaviour. Discover how the use of biometrics uncovers the unconscious. Apply all this to create customer experiences that generate serious growth.

    Using biometrics to improve employee experience

    With up to 95% of behaviour and decisions happening unconsciously*, being able to help organisations to improve the employee experience requires us to understand unconscious behaviour. Asking employees about their experience does not get to the truth.
    Listen to our co-founders Tim Routledge and Tim Wade as they talk about how, using biometric devices and behavioural science, you can objectively monitor and improve the employee experience. From understanding the causes of stress to using behavioural science to design improved employee experiences you will learn how science can make a difference.
    *Professor Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School

    Live event – Manchester

    Watch our short video from our recent event in Manchester Event. Here we discussed using biometrics and behavioural science to understand customers’ unconscious behaviour and use this understanding to design improvements to the customer experience.
    We are running further events across the country in the future so please sign up to our newsletter to stay informed about dates and locations. We hope to see you at our next event!

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