Voice of the customer is just scratching the surface

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Voice of the customer is just scratching the surface With 95% of human decisions happening unconsciously (Professor Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School), can surveys ever be relied upon to provide insights into customer behaviour? And why are organisations spending £millions on the voice of the customer (VOC) programmes and so very little trying to uncover

How to improve the airline customer experience

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Improving the airline customer experience  I’ve just been trying to buy an extra bag on an American Airlines flight for my daughter who comes home from the US this week. Despite the information on their website that says you should be able to do this online after you’ve checked in order to ‘save time at

How science can help us better understand customer experience

By |2019-10-25T19:52:52+01:00September 18th, 2018|Customer experience research, customer surveys|

The psychology and physiology of customer experience In a previous post (customer surveys are a  waste of time) we said to stop wasting time on meaningless customer surveys. A bold statement but one we stick to as most customers surveys are poorly designed, they do not provide useful insight and it seems their sole purpose

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